Mary Hershey
Children’s Author

10 Lucky Things

That Have Happened to Me Since I Nearly Got Hit by Lightning

Wendy Lamb Books

Random House

ISBN-10: 0385735413

Effie Maloney's life is perfect now that she has two best friends, Nit and Aurora. Effie's feeling lucky—until the Valentine's Day fiasco at their school, St. Dom's. Next, superathlete Aurora starts talking about leaving for public school, where the sports programs are better. Effie's got to come up with a scheme to make Aurora want to stay at St. Dom's.

Meanwhile, her mother's old college friend Frank, a priest, comes to stay at the Maloneys' under mysterious circumstances. And Effie's long-dreamed-of St. Patrick's Day slumber party gets out of control. Somehow, Effie's life doesn't seem so perfect anymore. . . .

Luck, friends, and family save the day in Mary Hershey's entertaining and touching companion to the delightful My Big Sister Is So Bossy She Says You Can't Read This Book.

Hershey’s hilarious sequel to My Big Sister Is So Bossy She Says You Can’t Read this Book (2006) throbs with energy and narrator Effie’s warm, sarcastic wit. Life goes on with her now-divorced dad in prison, but Effie’s more exuberant because she has two tremendous best friends. She gets worried, however, when best friend Aurora wants to transfer to a school with a hot basketball team and escape the boys at St. Dom’s who tease her about her burgeoning breasts. In solidarity, Effie and her other best friend Nit don empty bras that create slight bumps under their shirts. Effie is further unnerved when Mom invites a college friend to take sanctuary in their home while he struggles with his vocation as a Catholic priest, and her older sister begins to affect religious behavior. Effie agonizes about the possibility that her mother may be falling for another loser like dad. All Hershey’s characters are complex people, but it is Effie’s unique fourth-grade wisdom and way with words that will touch readers’ hearts and funny bones. (Fiction. 9-11)

— Kirkus Magazine

"Humor, warmth and Effie's Catholic values shine through in this entertaining story, in which luck, friends, and family save the day."

—Booklist, July 2008.

"... bubbles with charisma as fourth-grader Effie encounters the dramas of puberty and a dysfunctional fathter."

—Santa Barbara Magazine, December 2008.

"Hershey's writing style has been compared to Beverly Cleary's, and Effie's discoveries about herself, friends and families will keep midddle-grade readers turning pages."

—Top Ten Children's Books Suitable for Christmas Gift Giving"

—by the Catholic News Service, December 2008.

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Effie’s Adventures - Book 2

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